33 Things Taylor Swift Does The Most At

Taylor Swift

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Taylor Swift has been killing the game in recent months. And her bank account shows it. According to Business Insider, the queen herself made a total of 170 million dollars since this time last year — making her the highest paid celebrity of the year. Taylor, however, doesn’t just have high standards when it comes to income. She quite literally does the most in her career and her general life. Don’t believe me? Here are just a few things Tay totally beats everyone at.

  1. Cats.
  2. Cats with themed names.
  3. Celebrity best friends.
  4. Instagram posts with aforementioned best friends.
  5. And surprise concerts with the same friends.
  6. Glitter. All the glitter.
  7. High-waisted shorts.
  8. Somewhat obnoxious fan stalking.
  9. Acting confused.
  10. Breaking up with guys.
  11. Then writing catchy songs about it.
  12. And then pretending that they broke up with her.
  13. Baking.
  14. Wearing bright lipstick.
  15. Being regrettably innocent.
  16. Winning awards.
  17. Having albums go platinum.
  18. Having her hair go platinum.
  19. Making really weird music videos.
  20. Complete with awkward dancing.
  21. Traveling.
  22. Getting in fights with Kanye West.
  23. Posing naked with Kanye West. Joking, but it would be funny.
  24. Winged eyeliner.
  25. Acting like she isn’t the most famous person in the world.
  26. Donating money.
  27. Leaving Spotify.
  28. Making some bad fashion choices.
  29. Making some amazing fashion choices.
  30. Instagram followers.
  31. Writing on herself.
  32. Obsessing over the number 13.
  33. Making 170 million dollars.

Despite the haters, you gotta admit, the girl knows what she’s doing.

[via Business Insider]

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