33 Struggles Of Being A Type-A Neat Freak

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  1. Being at least fifteen minutes early to everything, but getting pissed when everyone else isn’t there yet.
  2. Responding to emails/texts within 10 minutes of receiving them and getting annoyed if it takes the other person more than thirty minutes to respond.
  3. Having a calendar, iCalendar, weekly calendar, daily planner, and a to-do list.
  4. Jotting notes down, then re-writing them neatly, then typing them up.
  5. Putting your clothes away directly after getting them out of the dryer.
  6. Putting clothes away also means folding, hanging, and separating, not just shoving them into drawers.
  7. Clothes don’t even touch the floor: body —> laundry basket.
  8. You wouldn’t even recognize your bed if it wasn’t made.
  9. Leaving out any paper, bags, items, books, or anything unattended is considered “clutter” and it will be put into a drawer, bag or thrown out.
  10. It’s nice you take your shoes off at the door, but can you also please neatly stack them.
  11. People who go in your car would think it’s brand new based off of the weekly vacuuming/detailing you do.
  12. Weekend mornings are spent cleaning everything you didn’t have time to during the hectic week.
  13. Leaving dishes in the sink gives you anxiety.
  14. You get giddy in the cleaning aisle of Target.
  15. And the entire organizational section of Staples.
  16. Telling your friends to come a half hour earlier than they actually need to.
  17. You text people “Here.” before you actually are, so they arrive promptly.
  18. You set at least three alarms for anything you actually have to do.
  19. You have files for EVERYTHING on your desktop because you can’t have random files.
  20. Your biggest accomplishment was learning how to fold a fitted sheet.
  21. The smell the of bleach and laundry detergent turns you on.
  22. You don’t buy anything major until you know it’s exact location and how it will fit into what you already have.
  23. Two words: Color. Coding.
  24. As a child, you DIED for a label maker.
  25. Packing means having absolutely anything and everything you or anyone else could possibly ever need.
  26. Even when you go on vacation, the first thing you do is unpack and organize your clothes and essentials.
  27. Spring Cleaning is a year round event.
  28. You don’t know what it’s like to lose something, because you always have a spot for everything.
  29. Even in other people’s homes you have an urge to fix/improve/clean.
  30. Nothing can be solved without a to-do list or excel sheet.
  31. We plan events that aren’t even our own because we know we’re better at it.
  32. Why would I ask for help? They might mess it up.
  33. We see where our friends are coming from when they have an intervention and say we’re too uptight, but we have no intention of changing….

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