33 Signs You’re In A West Coast Sorority

west coast

1. You don’t know anyone who owns a Lilly dress.

2. You wear t-shirts that actually fit you, Lululemon cropped leggings, and Rainbows.

3. You don’t paint coolers and don’t understand why southern sorority girls have to purchase the liquor for formals. Seriously, why?

4. You go to Palm Springs or Vegas for formal.

5. Everyone you know goes to Cabo over spring break.

6. You have more than one hot Asian in your chapter.

7. Most of your friends are Democrats. #sorrynotsorry

8. You don’t use words like “fratdaddy” or “slampiece,” but you do shack.

9. Frat guys who wear chubbies are labeled as try-hards.

10. You pride yourself on being more “chill” than southern sorority girls.

11. You think that girls who get engaged before age 25 are crazy.

12. In N Out is your drunk food.

13. You’ve been called “babe” more often than “sweetheart.”

14. You’ve gone to a pool party in January.

15. You know at least one person who claims to have Hollywood connections.

16. Your school has a stoner sorority.

17. …and also one that is known for coke.

18. You call a Lyft for a ride home from the bar, not a pledge.

19. You know many girls who have spent their 21st birthday Vegas.

20. Everyone in your house suddenly turns into a hipster when the Coachella line up is announced.

21. You wear flip-flops more often than heels.

22. Frat guys drink vodka too, but not if it’s flavored.

23. “Don’t Stop Believing” is everyone’s favorite drunken sing along song, not Wagon Wheel (but you do like Wagon Wheel, too).

24. Not only have you had a sex on the beach, but you’ve had sex on a beach (and sand got places it should never be).

25. …the fuck is a Longchamp?

26. You don’t know anyone who owns a gun.

27. You would never wear a dress or pearls to a tailgate.

28. You’ve been in a “the Bay” vs. LA argument.

29. You’ve been to a rave and have probably done molly. #sorryforpartying

30. That one out of state sister who freaks out when there’s a 3.0 earthquake.

31. There’s nothing hotter than a guy who can surf.

32. You don’t have to give bids to weird legacies.

33. You know all of the words to Katy Perry’s “California Girls.”

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