33 Reasons Having A Little Is Like Being In A Relationship

Reasons Having A Little Is Like Being In A Relationship

  1. She’s one of the first people you text in the morning.
  2. And one of the last people you text at night.
  3. She’s seen you at your worst and still likes you.
  4. You do cute little things for each other.
  5. Sometimes instead of going out, you’d rather just sit around and watch movies with her.
  6. She knows exactly how to handle you when you’re drunk.
  7. And you know exactly how to handle her.
  8. You have her birthday memorized and stay up until midnight just to be the first to wish her a happy birthday.
  9. Actually, you’re probably with her in person.
  10. You have your own language of slight body gestures.
  11. She lets you know when your resting bitch face is too intense.
  12. There are times when you feel like her mother.
  13. And other times when she feels like yours.
  14. You always know how to have a good time with each other.
  15. If you have too good of a time, you can always count on her to hold back your hair (and vice versa).
  16. She knows your schedule by heart, so you can’t use “I’m in class” as an excuse not to answer your phone.
  17. She’s your go-to person for a quick drink or five.
  18. You go on weekly dinner dates.
  19. On these dates, you argue over who’s going to pay.
  20. But you never argue about whether or not dessert should follow.
  21. She’s honest with you when you ask her, “How do I look?”
  22. But she will always tell you that you look hot if you need a pick-me-up.
  23. She always comes to you for advice.
  24. You do the same, although you always take hers with a grain of salt.
  25. You hate the same people.
  26. Especially her exes.
  27. Fuck those people.
  28. You can make mundane tasks fun when you do them together.
  29. Your family regularly asks about her.
  30. You make things for her, whether she wants them or not.
  31. She won’t stand for anyone giving you shit.
  32. Staying mad at her for extended periods of time is almost impossible.
  33. Through test weeks, periods, and bad nights out, you can always count on her to have your back.

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