32 Signs You’re Better At Being A Girl Than The Rest Of Us

Don’t get me wrong, there is no wrong way to “be a girl.” I wake up, throw on a sports bra paired with a sloppy bun. I am woman hear me roar!!! However, we all know those girls that are just so, ugh, good at being girly. These freaks of nature find time from the everyday stress that is life to put in the extra mile.

Maybe one day the rest of us will get there. Maybe.

  1. You can do a perfect winged eyeliner.
  2. On the first try.
  3. And they’re even on both sides.
  4. You somehow manage to have your nails painted all the time.
  5. But like, without any chips.
  6. You have a skincare routine and you stick to it every. single. night.
  7. And possibly the morning too.
  8. Your legs always seem to be silky smooth.
  9. Hair = Never dirty.
  10. You don’t know what dry shampoo is.
  11. You never looked like you rolled out of bed.
  12. Not even to class!
  13. You can apply false lashes.
  14. And you can do it without smearing glue all over your eyelid.
  15. You think to do things like wash your makeup brushes.
  16. You never have a brow hair out of place.
  17. Your hair like, shines?
  18. Seriously how do you do that?!
  19. You somehow avoid getting lipstick on your teeth.
  20. Even that red shade.
  21. Even while eating.
  22. You wear a real bra at all times.
  23. Like not even a sport bra to run errands.
  24. You actually prefer the underwire.
  25. You’ve tried things like the “waist trainer.”
  26. You can pull off wearing a watch.
  27. Your bra and underwear tend to match.
  28. You choose a skirt/dress over pants.
  29. You always smell like perfume.
  30. Some may say you even have a signature scent.
  31. You never ever forget to put on deodorant.
  32. No one can be entirely sure that you actually poop.

Now throw on some sweatpants. You’re making the rest of us look bad.

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