31 Things Girls Aren’t Doing For Guys


Contrary to popular belief, not everything us gals do is to impress men. Sometimes we’re attention crazed freaks that want to impress other girls. Here’s what we’re definitely not doing for male attention.

  1. Bangs.
  2. Contour.
  3. One piece swimsuits.
  4. Intricate eye makeup looks.
  5. High waisted “mom” jeans.
  6. And high waisted shorts.
  7. And high waisted bikini bottoms.
  8. Bright lip colors.
  9. Dark lip colors.
  10. Crazy hair colors.
  11. Rompers.
  12. Buy expensive makeup.
  13. Updos.
  14. Middle part.
  15. Duck face.
  16. Thongs.
  17. Wax our eyebrows.
  18. Fill in our eyebrows.
  19. Obsess over eyebrows.
  20. Matte lips.
  21. Turtlenecks.
  22. Short hair.
  23. Obviously false over the top lashes.
  24. #OOTD Instagram posts.
  25. French-braided pigtails
  26. Half-up/half-down top knot.
  27. Cool ~trendy~ hats.
  28. Overalls.
  29. Flower crowns.
  30. Post photos on inflatable swans.
  31. Basically everything.

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