3 Ways To Make Life After Graduation Not Completely Suck


It has been a month since I last threw Fireball shots down my throat in an overcrowded basement of my favorite fraternity house. It has been a month since I have seen my best friends who I shared every moment of my four wild college years with. It has been a month that I haven’t worn my letters across my chest on one of my hot pink, zebra printed shirts. It has been a month since I am considered a real life adult.

Leaving college was one of the worst moments of my life. I know many people share this same belief and other people will completely disagree with me. But being away from a sorority that I love and knowing that I won’t be able to go back, at least until alum weekend, absolutely sucks. I can’t stand when people ask me what I am doing with my life or where I see my future going. I don’t even know what I am doing in five hours from now, never mind knowing what is happening in five years from now. I feel like my brain tells me to grow up, but my heart keeps saying, “alcohol, boys, parties, more and more tequila shots.”

Although it sucks trying to become an adult, I learned that it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. I live by three rules to ensure my transition from a crazy college student to a soon to be adult runs smoothly. No, you can’t go to dollar beer night every week, but remember: you’re a post grad, not dead.

1. Everything In Moderation

Instead of drinking fifteen beers in one night, cut down to nine beers. This way you are still having fun, but you won’t wake up in an unfamiliar bed with a random, half-naked, person snoring in your ear. Plus, this makes any jobs, interviews, or part-time gigs easier to attend and not blow off.

2. Grow Up, Just A Little Bit

Instead of drinking boxed wine straight from the bag, buy a nice decorative glass. Pour some red wine into it, sip slowly, and act like you don’t even know what boxed wine is. This doesn’t mean you need to completely end your days of being an asshole (and I would never ask you to be “class”) but consider upping your game a little bit. It’ll feel better, and you know what they say: drink like an adult, feel like an adult. Or something like that.

3. Make A Plan

Instead of waking up at three in the afternoon and laying in bed all day, wake up more around eleven in the morning and accomplish one grown up activity before the day ends. Grown up activities can include: reading a book for fun, going on a 5-mile run (read: 1-mile walk/run/job/cry), eating any sort of vegetable, or organizing the inside of your closet.

It really does suck that I can’t go back to the place and people that I loved unconditionally for four years, but everyone has to grow up eventually. It is time for the 2016 graduates, including myself, to pursue our dreams. Whether your dream is to become a lawyer, a teacher, a doctor, or your dream is to just lay around your parent’s house until the one day they decide to kick you out, good luck and remember: go hard in achieving your dreams.

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