28 Things That Make Any Guy Instantly Hotter


  1. That groggy, sleepy voice they have first thing in the morning.
  2. A slight scruff that’s the perfect amount of disheveled.
  3. BEARDS.
  4. An oh-so-casual and cool backward facing hat.
  5. A big fat watch.
  6. And a wallet to match.
  7. Dance skills that go beyond crotch-to-butt.
  8. “I made plans for us.”
  9. A nice wardrobe that consists of more than T-shirts and tanks.
  10. Holding a baby.
  11. Or a puppy.
  12. Or really any sort of baby animal.
  13. Manners.
  14. Especially with their moms.
  15. A nice cologne that doesn’t smell like Abercrombie.
  16. Halfway rolled up sleeves.
  17. A loosened tie.
  18. An untied bow tie.
  19. Just anything that resembles undressing, really.
  20. Glasses. *swoon*
  21. Pushed back hair.
  22. Caring about personal grooming.
  23. Like, not being too embarrassed to get a pedicure.
  24. Or trimming up the brows every now and then.
  25. As long as they’re not better than mine.
  26. Ability to hold a conversation via text beyond “hey what’s up” and “nothing much” responses.
  27. Ability to hold a real-life, face-to-face conversation. *gasp*
  28. Jeans that don’t give them that saggy looking grandpa butt.

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Rachel Page

Rachel enjoys spending her time thinking about Britney Spears, whining about being single, and thinking about Britney Spears. She doesn't take to criticism well, so be nice or so she will cry herself to sleep! Email:

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