27 Reasons To Love One Direction

27 Reasons To Love One Direction

1. Those accents, my God.

2. They’re incredibly good-looking.

3. They genuinely like one another. It’s like they’re in their own little fraternity of five. Except instead of attending chapter, they headline world tours.

4. One of them broke Taylor Swift’s heart. Looking at you, Harry. Solid work, by the way.

5. Contrary to popular opinion, they are, in fact, legal. Praise Jesus.

6. During concerts they roll around and touch each other. It’s all sorts of sexual.

7. They truly do love their fans. What can I say? I’m a sucker for nice guys.

8. They’re used to girls crying and acting all sorts of ridiculous in their presence. This bodes well for us, ladies.

9. Seriously. They’re all beautiful. I love them.

10. They’re self-made. Who doesn’t love a go-getter? Or better yet, five go-getters?

11. They’re hilarious. Trust me. I’ve seen the movie; I would know.

12. One of them is dating his childhood sweetheart. More money than God, and he goes for the literal girl next store. Swoon.

13. As far as we know, none of them have hooked up with Miley. Safety first.

14. Their songs make me feel like I’m fifteen again. Not even Botox can do that.

15. Seriously. Have you seen them? Just look at them.

16. They put on a great concert. And it’s not just because you get to look at them in person. The songs are nice, too.

17. They’re not little assholes like Justin Bieber and Jayden Smith.

18. They sing like sexual little cherubs. Legal cherubs, mind you.

19. They’re like younger versions of The Rolling Stones. You know, without all the heroin track marks.

20. They’re friends with Simon Cowell.

21. They’re the British equivalent to the Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC.

22. If even one of them were bad in bed, we for sure would’ve heard about it by now.

23. Let me repeat, one of them dumped Taylor Swift. High fives all around.

24. Their songs are catchy and adorable and not at all appropriate only for thirteen-year-olds.

25. They’re beautiful. And European. And rock stars.

26. Judge me all you want, even critics claim these guys are the modern day Beatles.

27. If the rumors of Prince Harry getting engaged are true, they’re the next best thing to British Royalty.


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