27 Of The Funniest Vines On The Internet

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Vine has been hanging on for dear life by ways of Facebook and Twitter. It’s sad, really. Vines are some of the funniest pieces of content on the interwebs. Since it’s so hard to find good ones, here’s a compilation of some of the best ones.

1. Getting the most bang for your buck when you are an emotional wreck, Sarah Schauer

2. “I’m so quirky,” layla degani

3. Frat bro plays the role of Shrek, OWEN LANG

4. The sassiest grape eater to ever exist, Lil Gute

5. Lame sorority introduces their new members for the spring semester, Chrish

6. #Brexit, T. Kyle

7. If a sorority had their own documentary TV show, Cool Michael

8. Use Context Clues, Sarah Schauer

9. that’s what’s really important, Mike Mekes

10. “That’s when I realized I was drunk off half a beer.”, Mackenzie Becket

11. Ft me narrating, yam

12. What have I done!!, Arron Crascall

13. Can’t #sleep :(, Freeman Claridge


15. “Did you hang out with Beth last night?”, Zachary Piona

16. u should tweet that, Cody Ko

17. my mom heard Only by Nicki Minaj for the first time today, Dominic Licciardi

18. What every female did with this dog filter, HowiEazy

19. Succumb, Summer Sprott

20. this happened, i love butts

21. Kylie Jenner on snapchat, Christine Sydelko

22. crazy drunk girls at house parties be Lyke, Allison Trammell

23. LOVE my new Lush bath bomb, pastatute

24. “why are you late”, Tia Valentine

25. Uber driver tries to be funny, Matthew DeHoff

26. White girl trying to remember the day she was born, nut

27. Untitled, Brielle Warren

Long live Vine.

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