27 Better Ways To Improve A Shitty Day Than By Listening To The RIDICULOUS Advice Britney Spears Gave Post-Breakup

We are not usually the type to kick a girl when she’s down. From the looks of things, Britney Spears is a little bit down, as she recently broke up with her boyfriend after a video of him cheating on her surfaced. While we’re sure she’s having a shitty time right now, we have some issues with her advice on how to brighten a crappy day:

Really, Brit-Brit? Find someone wearing shoes with hearts on them? What are we, 12? Since we are (almost) functioning adults, we think we can come up with some better advice than this to improve a bad day.

  1. Google image search “dogs in costumes.”
  2. Have a solo dance party.
  3. Have a dance party with a friend.
  4. Really, any dance party will do.
  5. Raspberry vodka.
  6. Wear a tiara.
  7. Watch the “pony” scene from “Magic Mike” on repeat.
  8. Buy yourself flowers. Or a new handbag. Or shoes. Or all of it. No judgment.
  9. Put brand new sheets on your bed. Get in bed naked.
  10. Wine.
  11. Ice cream.
  12. Wine ice cream.
  13. You, the couch, and TLC’s “Bride Day.”
  14. Blueberry vodka.
  15. Search “cute puppy videos” on YouTube.
  16. Dick jokes.
  17. Work out–supposedly it releases happy hormones or some bullshit.
  18. Burritos.
  19. Read any column on TSM. Seriously, we are funny bitches.
  20. Vanilla vodka.
  21. Any form of chocolate.
  22. Take a bubble bath.
  23. Sex.
  24. Binge watch a funny sitcom.
  25. Mock peoples’ wedding photos on Facebook.
  26. PSL. A shitty day trumps this.
  27. Any flavor vodka.

And, as always, remember this:

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Jenna Crowley

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