26 Things You Should Know About Southern Women


Because we’re not all Honey Boo Boo or Scarlett O’Hara.

  1. We’re not all ultra conservative Republicans who watch Fox news while cooking dinner in an apron and pearls.
  2. We don’t all wear aprons, pearls, seersucker, Lilly, or hair bows.
  3. We know that a lot of so-called “southern gentlemen” really are anything but, and we’re actually not opposed to the well-mannered yankee.
  4. We don’t all monogram anything that doesn’t move, as Reese Witherspoon would like for you to believe.
  5. We’re not all in college for an MRS degree or a ring by spring.
  6. We may speak slowly and with a drawl, but that doesn’t mean we’re unintelligent.
  7. We’re not all fat, and we don’t all drink sweet tea and continuously eat biscuits.
  8. Some of us are in favor of gun restrictions, and some of us also find hunting abominable.
  9. There is a HUGE difference between “southern” and “country” or “redneck.”
  10. We’re not all Bible-banging fundamentalist christians who believe humans rode dinosaurs into battle against the devil.
  11. We’re not all prudes who think God will strike us down if we let a man go “down South.”
  12. We can craft the perfect thank you note in five minutes, thanks to the cotillion classes our mamas dragged us to as girls.
  13. Living in the South doesn’t mean we’re uncultured or have never traveled.
  14. We’re not all Daddy’s little girl.
  15. We aren’t all racists or homophobes. You will find just as much prejudice anywhere else in the country–or the world, for that matter–as you’ll find in the South.
  16. We’re not all “sweet.” I’ve been called a lot of things in my short 21 years on Earth and let me tell you, “sweet” has never been one of them.
  17. We don’t all have spitfire tempers. My mama and grandmama were bigger fans of the super scary whisper whenever my sister or I acted up in public.
  18. We don’t all love football.
  19. We don’t sweat, we glisten.
  20. We’re not helpless, weak, southern belles.
  21. We can throw a fantastic party. You don’t grow up going to barbecues, weddings of all your cousins, and tailgates every weekend without learning a thing or two.
  22. We say yes ma’am, no ma’am, yes sir, and no sir, but that doesn’t mean we’re brown nosing suck ups. Manners like this have been ingrained in our minds since we were knee high to a pea.
  23. We may have funny little sayings, but that also doesn’t mean we’re unintelligent. If you’re confused by one of euphemisms, don’t fret, just ask–we can straighten you out in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.
  24. We can take the literal and metaphorical heat. Growing up in 100 degree weather makes us tough.
  25. We have flirting in our genetic makeup. Don’t think our hair tossing, eyelash batting, and giggling means we’re trying to steal your man.
  26. We’re proud of our roots and where we’re from. After all, no one retires and moves up north.

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