26 Things About Millennials And Sex That You’ll Really Want To Know


If there’s one thing millennials like more than sex, it’s talking about sex. With our friends, our coworkers, and strangers on the internet. So when SKYN Condoms decided to pull a whole bunch of us and ask us to spill our dirtiest, darkest secrets, everyone said yes.


So with the help of some science folks and some Barry White, they discovered that not only are we having more sex than ever before, but we’re pretty effing weird. Here are 26 things that you 100 percent want to know because it turns out we’re all sick-os in the sack.

  1. 70 percent have sex at least once a week.
    You know, when we’re not busy studying and tightening our chastity belts. 
  2. And 40 percent of us get it on multiple times a week.
    My money is on college guys’ right hands.
  3. 97 percent of men reach an orgasm at least once per bang.
    Really? That’s all?
  4. Whereas 89 percent of women reach orgasm at least once per romp.
    Which either says a lot for college guys or a lot for vibrators.
  5. 33 percent of millennials would give up sex over the internet for one whole year.
    I mean, what’s the point of having sex if you can’t even post an “OMG look what I just did” selfie to Insta? Pass the likes and put that penis away. 
  6. 50 percent of us have sent nudes.
    The other 50 percent are liars.
  7. And 25 percent send nudes through snapchat.
    “If he only sees it for ten seconds, it kind of doesn’t count, right?”
  8. Only 50 percent of millennials actually like sexting.
    And the other 50 percent are the ones who’ve received dick pics. 
  9. More than 25 percent of us use dating websites and apps.
    If you like it then you gotta swipe right on it. 
  10. And 50 percent of people actually find success from them (read: get laid).
    “And Tinder, kids, is how I met your mother.”
  11. The most preferred position is doggy style.
    Nothing says romance like zero eye-contact and fucking like animals.
  12. Followed by missionary.
    The only position that makes sex completely unsexy.
  13. And then the cowgirl.
    Save a horse ride a penis, or something like that.
  14. The most preferred role play for college students is “strangers.”
    Met at a bar? Went home together without knowing his name? Pretty much how you guys met in the first place.
  15. Followed by a stripper.
  16. And then the ever classic, schoolgirl.
    Nothing says “I’m a bad girl” like a kilt and some pigtails.
  17. 61 percent of us have had one-night stands.
    I blame vodka and low standards. 
  18. 78 percent of us have sex in our living rooms.
    Better lighting. Bigger TV. Closer to the kitchen. What’s not to love?
  19. And 64 percent of millennials have had sex in their cars.
    Old high school habits die hard.
  20. 74 percent have shower sex.
    If you can get over the soap in your eye, the impossible positions, and the unsexy wet cat look, it’s actually kind of great. JK.
  21. One forth of millennials have had sex in the laundry room.
    Your clothes are already off. Might as well get off too.
  22. 23 percent of us have had sex on the beach.
    And 100 percent of us never did it again.
  23. 22 percent have had sex in public.
    Bonus points if you got caught. Or, you know. Jail time. Either one.
  24. A little less than half of us use lube.
    And the other half doesn’t know what they’re missing.
  25. 32 percent use vibrators while having sex.
    Which is like having your cake and eating it too while also having an orgasm.
  26. 80 percent of us are satisfied with our sex lives.
    And for the other 20 perfect they need to replace some batteries, buy something new, or find someone new.

And as every generation of horny college students before us said, “Let’s get it on.”

[via The Chive, SKYN Condoms]

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