25 Signs You’re Over Summer

25 Signs You're Over Summer

1. You’ve run through the entire Netflix cannon because literally every single show has gone on its summer hiatus (unless you watch Pretty Little Liars).

2. You’ve started reading your best friends’ blogs, because they’re either abroad or out of town.

3. You actually look forward to seeing your high school girlfriends, even though they’re either incredibly boring or in incredibly stable relationships.

4. Your mom is fun for ten minutes. Three months? Bye.

5. Your bank account thinks you’re an alcoholic, because you’re not in a college town, and there’s no such thing as “Nickel Night” or “Two Dollar Tuesdays.” That is, if you’re over 21. If you’re under 21, your fake ID is barely passable.

6. You know all the cab drivers by name, because there are no fraternity pledges to drive you home if you do decide to go out.

7. You’re actually starting to agree with your parents when they tell you they’re highly unimpressed with your ability to sleep until noon instead of “being productive.”

8. The closest you’ve come to stimulating conversation all summer has been the discussion about Miley Cyrus you had with the 11-year-old you babysit.

9. The royal baby has been the highlight of your summer.

10. Your “job” is interfering with your tanning schedule.

11. On your days off, it’s either cloudy or rainy, and you’re fine with that.

12. You’ve interacted more with your sisters via Skype and Snapchat than you have with people in real life.

13. You’re considering heading back to campus early if there’s still a spot in the last summer session.

14. Your dog has completely lost interest in listening to your recruitment chants.

15. So has the little girl you babysit, for that matter.

16. You’ve created an Excel document comprised of possible mixer themes and the rotation of fraternities to pair with for each of them, even though you’re not the social chair.

17. You’ve contemplated joining CrossFit. You know, for something to do.

18. You’re envious of your high school-aged siblings who seem to have social lives throughout the summer.

19. You’ve considered signing up for a last minute volunteer trip just to give you something to do.

20. You had a moment of insanity, wondering if it’s possible to get too much sleep.

21. You’ve actually gotten sick of re-watching Mean Girls so many times.

22. Your 4th of July celebration with your sisters was the pinnacle of your summer, and now you’re just counting down the days until your drive back to campus.

23. You’ve had your car packed for said return to campus since you returned home from said weekend away.

24. You’ve started staying up on Facebook into the late hours of the night, just to chat with ANYONE from campus.

25. You’ve already made plans to ensure that next summer you don’t have to be in your hometown for more than 48 hours at a time.


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