24 Times The #FinalFive Were Just Like You And Your Squad

1. When Simone freaked the fuck out over a bee.

2. When Laurie and Madison knew the value of good selfie lighting.

3. When Simone did a #TBT that just so happened to show off how cute she was (and is).

4. When Laurie hit the dab.

5. When the whole squad wore matching oversized tank tops.

6. When Laurie told herself “I got this.”

7. When Simone and Aly binged out on McDonald’s.

8. When Laurie winked at the judges.


9. When Simone was more happy for her teammate Aly than herself.

10. When Maddie and Laurie shared this sweet note with Aly.

11. When they shared this group hug.

12. When Simone was genuinely thrilled for teammate Laurie for winning gold.

13. When they knew everything about each other.

14. When Aly’s favorite emoji was the hair flip girl.

15. When Simone fainted upon meeting Zac Efron.

16. And when she blushed over this kiss.

17. When Simone’s favorite show was PLL.

18. When they very obviously did it for the ‘gram.


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19. When Simone was fully obsessed with North West.

20. When Simone and Aly had a beauty night.

boa noite 💋 (behind the scenes: facemasks & headwraps)

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21. When Laurie made fun of Aly for being a diva.

So cute. Always giggling. Love these girls. That's @lauriehernandez_ making fun of my "model" walk HAHAHA

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22. When the whole squad went on a shopping trip.

Shopping the other day 💁🏻

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23. When Simone gave Laurie a major side eye for tryna steal her man.

24. And when Simone dropped the greatest, most badass quote of all time.

Ugh. Are we best friends yet?

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Veronica Ruckh

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