24 Things All Girls Do That We Try To Hide From Guys


As much as we want the male species to think we are precious little angels that always smell like shampoo, we all know that’s not true.

  1. Look actually disgusting when first we wake up.
  2. Like try to hide that your hair isn’t clip-in extensions.
  3. And your slept-on, clumped fake lashes are definitely natural.
  4. Tell our friends everything.
  5. Think “what are we?” even though we ~totally~ don’t care.
  6. Act super chill when we’re really checking up on your social media all the time.
  7. Have weird white stained underwear. We can’t help it.
  8. And own period panties.
  9. And maybe even a go-to pair of period pants.
  10. Think about marriage and kids just a little too soon.
  11. Downplay how little we wash our hair.
  12. Pretend we aren’t as hairy as we really are.
  13. But feel euphoric when that chin hair finally gets plucked.
  14. Over-analyze every detail of every conversation we have with guys.
  15. Smell ourselves.
  16. Then spray perfume in every smelly crevice.
  17. Feel a little insane when we don’t have his complete, undivided attention.
  18. Poop.
  19. …and fart.
  20. Wait until there’s just the right amount of crumbs in the bed before washing the sheets.
  21. Stick our hair on the shower wall and swirl it around.
  22. Take an ungodly amount of time getting ready.
  23. Pretend that second day makeup is “no makeup.”
  24. And that we just “threw on” this outfit.

We are truly disgusting. It’s great.

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Rachel Page

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