22 Reasons Why Ruby Rose Is A Better Justin Bieber Than Just Bieber

Ruby Justin

Justin Bieber makes people feel weird things. To some, it’s an intense hate. To others, it’s an obsessive love. And to a few more, it’s a confusing mix of wanting to hate him but having to accept the fact that he’s become a regulation hottie. Either way, we can’t decided how we feel about him.

And then, a new Justin Bieber came into the picture, and we’re seeing the light.

Cue: Ruby Rose. In the span of about two weeks, every single person with reproductive organs has fallen in love with her. Her tattoos, her winking ability, her exquisite jawline. And while we love her, and can’t deny the uncanny similarities she has to Justin. Hell, even she thinks it’s weird. So weird, in fact, that she developed an obsession/respect for/hilarious cult-like following for him. Justin recently posted this picture of Ruby with a Bieber plate covered piano to Twitter (rich people, amiright?).

And it’s beautiful. But that wasn’t the start of it. From subtle call outs to a little jab in “Orange Is the New Black” we’ve all been thinking it: Ruby Is the New Justin.

@tayjschilling @lauraprepon definitely a rich moment in TV hahaha

A photo posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

As much as we hate (or love-to-hate or hate-to-love) Justin, you can’t deny, they’re both incredibly similar. So finally, after months of foreplay, the two decided to get together and make our dreams of senselessly comparing them come true. They met this past weekend in Vegas, and the world finally started to make sense.

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As we look at Ruby, with her perfect lips, brows, and slouchy-yet-hot outfit next to Justin’s…whatever, we can’t deny the facts. She does it better.

  1. We like her girlfriend better than we liked any of Justin’s.
  2. And her lady-partner is the daughter of author Roald Dahl so like, well done.
  3. She makes duck face look good. Real good.
  4. Her jawbone was actually created by a team of gods wanting to make every person in the world aroused.
  5. Biebs has over 30 tattoos. Ruby has over 60.
  6. She didn’t sing the song “Boyfriend.”
  7. Or “Baby.”
  8. Or literally anything else that he sings.
  9. We’ve seen her full frontal.
  10. And we liked it.
  11. A lot.
  12. Her style is shocking yet cool, and doesn’t involve any Amish-style hats.
  13. She hangs out with her “OITNB” co-stars, whereas Justin hangs out with the Kardashians.
  14. Her pictures’ captions make me swoon. His make me want to punch something in the prostate.
  15. She’s funny, witty, and posts pictures with her dogs.
  16. And you just KNOW that she wouldn’t make you feel bad about wearing sweatpants all day.
  17. Pretty sure she has better muscle tone than J. Biebs.
  18. And her mock underwear shoot was hotter than his.
  19. Plus, she acts like she doesn’t work out (liar) which we can totally relate to.
  20. Same hairstyle, but let’s be real, she wears it better.
  21. She’s effortlessly hip. She has the attitude you pretend to have when you’re thinking of clever Instagram captions. He has the attitude that makes your friends ignore your “wanna chill” texts.
  22. They both look like Justin Bieber, but one of them just does it better.


A photo posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

Well done, Ruby. Well done.

Image via Youtube / danii

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