21 Jobs That Are Perfect For Sorority Girls


So here you are. You’ve changed your major time and time again, and you still don’t know what the heck you want to do with your life post-grad. Well fret not. Your time as a sorority girl has actually prepared you for the ~real world.~ Who knew?

  1. Photographer
    Why? You basically run to save the day when someone says, “do you mind taking our photo?”
  2. Accountant
    Why? You once made $20 stretch two weeks.
  3. Event Planner
    Why? Your bid day will never be rivaled.
  4. CEO
    Why? You can command and take charge in a room with 50+ distracted girls.
  5. Personal Shopper
    Why? You’ve been shopping with other people’s money for years.
  6. Nanny
    Why? You’re good at taking care of your blackout, puking friend. Babies aren’t much different.
  7. Public Speaker
    Why? You wouldn’t even need a microphone.
  8. Makeup Artist
    Why? “Do you mind doing my eyeshadow for formal?”
  9. Lyricist
    Why? You once rewrote a song for recruitment and found something that rhymed with iota.
  10. Instagram Model
    Why? Your “like to minute” ratio is impressive. Plus, you know how to Facetune like a pro.
  11. Fashion Designer
    Why? Hello, t-shirt coordinator. Looking at you, recruitment chair.
  12. Lawyer
    Why? You’ve proven yourself innocent (when you were obviously guilty) during every standards hearing.
  13. Interior Designer
    Why? Everyone was jealous that your dwarf-sized dorm room was chicer than their apartment.
  14. Wine Taste-tester
    Why? Your palette of boxed wine can help you distinct when something doesn’t taste like $8.
  15. Reality TV Star
    Why? So. Much. Drama.
  16. Marketing Manager
    Why? You’ve made so many vodka-fueled bathroom bffs that networking has become your second language.
  17. Hair Stylist
    Why? “Can you come help me with the back of my hair?”
  18. Matchmaker
    Why? You’ve found your friends more last minute dates than you can count.
  19. Public Relations
    Why? You’ve managed to keep your image squeaky clean despite your impressive collection of empty liquor bottles.
  20. Fundraiser
    Why? You’ve asked your parents for money so many times that you can get money from anyone now.
  21. Writer at Total Sorority Move.
    Why? Because duh.

Now get to work, bitch.

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