20 Things Every Broke College Student Can Relate To

Broke College Kids

After a long summer of baking in the sun by the lake, drinking like a fish, and maybe actually catching a few fish, it’s time to go back to the love/hate relationship of keeping your entire life in one tiny room with another person. Syllabus week starts and everything is going great. You have a suitcase-sized crate filled with food from your mom, brand new textbooks charged to your parents’ account, and a new pair of sunglasses for those dreaded, hot walks to class. What more could a gal need? The answer is a lot. Here are 20 things you’ll relate to when you’re broke and on your own.

  1. Need a pedicure? Too bad. Also, you forgot to pack nail polish remover.
  2. Your fridge absolutely never has anything in it but various types of liquor.
  3. If you miss lunch or dinner in the cafeteria, you accept the fact that you’ll starve until the next day. At least you’re beating the freshman 15, right?
  4. How could one box of tampons possibly cost this much?
  5. Hairspray runs out way too quickly.
  6. Your roommate seems to pull new Lilly shorts out of the sky.
  7. Your sisters have more letter shirts than you do clothes.
  8. The struggle of trying to measure a shot without a shot glass.
  9. You consider becoming a stripper daily. Kidding.
  10. But really. Do you KNOW how much strippers make?
  11. Accidentally pressing the handle down longer when you try to take the gas pump out of your car is tragic.
  12. Not paying the honor society fee because you have to buy a new dress for Saturday’s tailgate.
  13. You find you relate really well to “Work” by Iggy. #pledgeallegiancetothestruggle
  14. Cereal without milk.
  15. You’ll forever be judged for buying Burnett’s vodka. It’s cheap, okay?
  16. The beautiful concept of borrowing clothes from your sisters.
  17. You may even try to sell crafts on Etsy.
  18. But then no one buys your crafts and you realize your little probably only pretends that you’re good at crafting.
  19. You’d do anything for a free t-shirt.
  20. You go on dates with guys just because they’ll buy you things.

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