1939 Experts Predicted What Fashion Would Look Like In 2000 And It. Is. Incredible (Video)

We got jipped ladies. I don’t know whose fault it was. Maybe it was the big shots at the fashion magazines, the fact that Netflix took over our lives, or the designers just got lazy. Whatever it was, we’re stuck in 2015 with chambray shirts and maxi skirts instead of what was promised. In a recent Youtube video by Vintage Fashions, the top fashion experts attempted to predict the future.

Despite how absolutely insane most of it looks, there are a few key items that I think we need to address. Some are absurd, some are spot-on, and some we’re hoping they release any day now.

  1. A dress that can be adapted for morning, afternoon, and evening.
    In 2015, we call this the maxi dress. Or better yet, the stay-at-home-and-watch-Netflix-while-wearing-no-dress dress.
  2. Not to mention a dress that will consist of transparent net (used to catch the males, obviously).
    They sort of nailed this one.
  3. Beehive hairstyles are totally in.
    As opposed to our dry-shampooed, haven’t actually washed in five days, teased AF mess of a blowout.
  4. Skirts will disappear entirely.
    Hello, jumpsuits. 
  5. An electric belt will adapt to climatic changes.
    You know, for when ladies get hot flashes and are totallyyyyy unbearable.
  6. We will move in an atmosphere kept scientifically at the right temperature.
    Never again will men have to hear us complain about how we should have brought a jacket. Whoops.
  7. Brides will wear wedding dresses made of glass.
    Because nothing says “pure” like being able to literally see our bodies through our dress.
  8. The men won’t have to shave and will carry their phones around with them everywhere.
    Literally couldn’t be more accurate.
  9. We will have electric headlights to find out if a man is honest.
    Anytime you want to create this one, science, we’re all just waiting to give you our money.

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