19 Underrated Things Guys Do That Make Them Insanely Sexy

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Whether we love to hate them or just plain love them, boys tend to elicit strong reactions from us. Regardless of how many times I get fucked over or played by some fuckboy, I’ll always love boys. They’re great, plain and simple. Feel free to disagree, but hands down the best thing about guys are the sexy things they do when they aren’t even trying. The underrated sexy things they do, that’s what gets me going. If a guy combines any three of the following things at any given time, I’ll prob blow love him right then and there. Not even a little sorry ’bout it.

  1. 1. When he kisses you on the forehead before he leaves, and it makes your heart beat wildly fast, but you also feel protected and safe.
  2. When he envelops you in bear hug and spins you around in circle.
  3. When he’s calm and composed during even the most stressful situations.
  4. When you’re walking outside, and your hair blows in your face and he stops and moves the hair out of your face. Bonus points if he lightly kisses you on the lips, nose, or forehead.
  5. When he gets so unreasonably excited about something small and it makes you think that this must be how he acted when he was a little boy.
  6. The half-smile, half-smirk he does that makes you think that he knows something you don’t know.
  7. When he hugs you from behind and kisses your neck. Especially if he whispers something sweet in your ear.
  8. When he’s passionate about something. Passion is never a bad thing, whether in the bedroom or boardroom.
  9. When he randomly compliments you (and genuinely means it), when you both know you aren’t looking your best.
  10. When he plays with your hair while you cuddle.
  11. When he does that weird tickle/rub thing where he drags his nails up and down your arm and no matter how hard you try, you can’t explain why it feels so damn good.
  12. When he acts goofy and isn’t at all embarrassed or concerned about what people think.
  13. When he runs his fingers through his hair in a nonchalant way and all you can think about is ripping his clothes off.
  14. When he falls asleep on your lap and it reminds you of the puppy your parents never let you get.
  15. When he’s dominant and takes charge in a crisis situation.
  16. When he plays with animals, but mostly dogs.
  17. When he challenges you in a way that is respectful of your opinion, but he still won’t concede the point.
  18. When he does random, little things to scare you, like drive is car just a little too fast. You know he’s in control, but the rush simultaneously scares you and makes you feel safe.
  19. When he involuntarily grabs your hand when you’re crossing a street because he cares.

And I’m just sit here thinking, “How are guys so hot without even trying?”

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