19 Times Chris Pratt Melted our Hearts

Chris Pratt Baby

I’m just going to go ahead and say what we’re all thinking: Chris Pratt is a god. He’s gone from being a lovable goofball as Andy Dwyer on “Parks and Recreation,” to playing minor roles in major, award-winning movies like “Moneyball” and “Zero Dark Thirty.” He’s now on his way to being one of the biggest movie stars in the world thanks to his role as Star-Lord in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” not to mention being the idol of millions of kids everywhere thanks to “The Lego Movie,” in which he starred as “Emmett.” But we know that he’s not just a movie star, he’s in general an all-around amazing person, recently evidenced by the fact that he just visited a children’s hospital in character as Star-Lord. We don’t care that he used to be chubby, and now has abs you can grate cheese off of, he melted our hearts and made us weak in the knees just the same. Here are some of Chris Pratt’s finest moments:

1. When he braided an intern’s hair during an interview

Chris Pratt Braids Hair

2. When he showed up at Anne’s house naked…

3. …then told Seth Meyers that he got in trouble for ACTUALLY being naked


4. When he gave his “Parks and Rec” co-stars Super Hero nicknames

5. When he blew our freaking faces off by flawlessly rapping “Forgot About Dre”



6. When one of his favorite characters gave birth to another character.

“My name is Burt Macklin. I’m with the f**king FBI.”

7. When Andy and April cemented their status as the cutest couple on Television


Their vows. I can’t. #Dead

8. When he and his REAL wife, Anna Faris, got super cute together

9. When he was not only a cute husband, but an adorable father

10. When he Skyped his 14-month-old son Jack while he was overseas filming “Guardians of the Galaxy,” so his son wouldn’t forget him. HOW ADORABLE IS THAT.

11. When he transformed from Chubby to Shredded


12. When his Ice Bucket Challenge video beat the crap out of everyone else’s.

13. When he was just SMOTHERED in cats.

Chris Pratt Cats 1
Chris Pratt Cats 2
Chris Pratt Cats 3

14. But he doesn’t want to alienate dog people either.

15. When he visited sick kids in the hospital as Star-Lord.

16. …And stopped to play Legos with one of the biggest fans of “The Lego Movie.”

17. When he showed off his cooking prowess.

18. When he confessed all of his deepest, darkest secrets.


19. And the best part is…he knows precisely how much we all love him

Cockiness is sexy. Even on Chris Pratt.

Move over, former biggest crush Kevin Bacon, because Chris Pratt has stolen my heart. There’s a new sheriff in town — and his name is Burt Macklin, FBI.


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