19 Reasons Cinderella Is Actually A Sorority Girl

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  1. She thought about marriage with a guy after dancing with him once at a party.
  2. She has an older mentor who just seems to appear at the right moment.
  3. Bows.
  4. She may look like a hot mess during the day, but she stuns at night.
  5. She really likes to party.
  6. And dance with random, rich, hot guys.
  7. She stops to admire herself in reflective surfaces.
  8. It’s almost like a challenge.
  9. She has a few sisters she could probably live without.
  10. Guys are literally chasing after her attention.
  11. She oozes class.
  12. She sometimes leaves things behind at parties, like one shoe.
  13. She’s a certified head-turner.
  14. She’s sought after for her great taste in shoes.
  15. She’s mastered the pretty cry.
  16. She’s a daddy’s girl at heart who knows she could get anything she wanted.
  17. She has a house mother who’s always on her back.
  18. She knows the importance of beauty sleep.
  19. Okay, technically this isn’t Cindy, but I’m sure homegirl liked to sip on martinis.

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