18 Reasons This Twitter Account FOR EIGHTH GRADERS ONLY Is The Most Incredible Thing On The Internet

18 Reasons You Need To Be Following This Twitter Account FOR EIGHTH GRADERS ONLY Even If You're Not In Eighth Grade

Middle school was tough. I’m not denying that. You’re learning pointless shit in school. All of your friends are on the same emotional roller coaster as a pregnant woman but it’s happening at different times to every person you come into contact with, and no one understands it. You feel this weird pressure to start kissing boys, but then to also be a little kid. Not to mention, you look fucking disgusting. Every part of your face and body start growing independently of each other, and nothing comes together. You probably have braces, and you don’t know how to use a straightener. The bad part of puberty hit you like a brick wall (your period) but all the perks, like your boobies, haven’t come in yet. It’s awful all around.

Behold, my transition from eighth grade to ninth grade.

eighth grade, ninth grade

I’m confident when I say the sweater t-shirt and center part were still bad choices, but the point is, in middle school, I really did not know what was up. Which is why this Twitter account for the class of 2019 — people currently in the eighth grade — is so incredible. Here are some gems from @The2019Seniors.


Every single person in middle school is a bad person. Trust me, you want new friends.

It makes me nervous that you have access to strangers on the internet.

Based on what most 13-year-olds consider to be an appropriate amount of eyeliner, I’m going to go ahead and assume “8th grade you” is not your “best you” either.

Yes, eight is bigger than seven.

If my memory serves me right, ninth and tenth grade were “can I get a ride.” Eighth grade was “MOM SAID YOU HAVE TO TAKE ME.”

‘Bout to go hard at Disneyland. Plus I really need a break from the quadratic equation =/

It’s weird because their 21st birthdays, marriage, and babies aren’t even on their radar.

Yeah, you go from big shit on campus, to the tiniest least important people in the school, so I don’t know why it wouldn’t be.

This deserves endless RTs.

Nothing good ever happens after 11 P.M.

For all the gas you don’t need to buy, and the clothes your parents are legally obligated to buy for you?

After sixth grade, we all give in to the ‘hood life.

So true. Preach.

You will regret saying this when you are 22 years old, dating a man child who hasn’t changed since the eighth grade.

That’s deep.

It’s you, isn’t it? You’re a Girl Scout.

I think you’ll make it through.

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