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17 Colleges With The Best Professors

The first thing they teach you in school, and by they, I mean the upperclassmen in your fraternity or sorority, is never to EVER take a class without checking out the instructor on RateMyProfessors first. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to go to class, you’ll find out who doesn’t take attendance. If you’re the type of person who hasn’t opened a book since your sophomore year in high school, you can find teachers whose lectures exactly mimic the text. If you plan on sleeping with your professor for an A, you can look for the chili pepper, so while your morals are low, your standards can remain high.

The Godsend website has released a list of the school’s with the best college professors overall based on the professors’ individual average ratings, and the school’s overall ratings. Each measure had to have been rated 30 times (at least 30 teachers per school, and at least 30 ratings per school) to be considered. The list seems to skew toward larger schools, but RateMyProfessors ensures us that the size of the school does not have an effect.

The seventeen colleges with the best schools are as follows:

17. Cornell University
16. Gustavus Adolphus College
15. University of Texas as Austin
14. Brigham Young University
13. Texas Christian University
12. James Madison University
11. Auburn University
10. University of Michigan
9. Texas A&M University at College Station
8. Rollins College
7. Washington University in St. Louis
6. University of Georgia
5. University of Wisconsin – Madison
4. Stanford University
3. Pennsylvania State University
2. Vanderbilt University
1. Duke University

So, the plus side, you have great teachers. On the down side, you have no excuse for letting your GPA slip. You win some, you lose some.

[via Huffington Post]


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