16 ’90s Phrases That Need To Be Resurrected, Stat

16 '90s Phrases That Need To Be Resurrected, Stat

It was the best of times, it was the best of times. The ’90s are widely believed (by everyone who matters) to have been the best decade we’ve ever seen. Between the epic Disney Channel original movies, tamagotchis, and the fashion, I don’t look back on any time more fondly. With that in mind, I think there are a few ’90s phrases that really need to make a comeback, and I’m willing to do my part to make that happen.

  1. word

    [wurd] | interjection

    1. An alternative to “okay”; a response used when an interaction warrants a response, but you literally have nothing to say.
    “I think I’m going to grab something to eat before the movies.”

    2. Affirmation; “really”?
    “Did you know she’s thinking of transferring?”
    “Oh, word?”

  2. Dope

    [dohp] | adjective

    1. Interesting; cool.

    “Hey, if we got ice cream later, that’d be pretty dope.”

    2. Slang for marijuana.

    “He’s on dope.”

  3. Fly

    [flahy] | adjective

    1. Stylish; cool (urban phrase)

    “Damn, girl. You’re looking fly.”

  4. SIKE!

    [sahyk] | interjection

    1. A word used in informal conversation to mean “just kidding.”

    “So I slept with your ex-boyfriend last night….SIKE!”

  5. As if

    [az if] | phrase

    1. To emphasize an unlikelihood.

    “You want me to go to their philanthropy event when you know my ex-boyfriend is dating the president? As if!”

  6. Mental

    [men-tl] | adverb

    1. Crazy; losing your mind

    “I told my mom that I drank every night last week, and she went totally mental.”

  7. All that and a bag of chips

    [awl that and uh bag uhv chips] | phrase

    1. A phrase used when someone has it together; cool

    “She’s beautiful, funny, smart. She’s just all that and a bag of chips.”

  8. Sick

    [sik] | adjective

    1. Amazing; leaving one in awe (generally used by the kids on that grassy knoll over there)

    “Did you just see that kid on his skateboard? He slid down the railing. It was sick.”

  9. Talk to the hand

    [tawk too the hand] | phrase

    1. A phrase used by teenage girls to be dismissive, accompanied by a hand gesture in which she holds her hand out flat in someone’s face. Comparable to a modern day “over you.”

    “You know what? I can’t deal with your BS any more. Talk to the hand.”

  10. Buggin’

    [buhg-in] | verb

    1. Used to express feelings of anxiety.

    “I have six missed calls from my mom and now I’m totally buggin’.”

    2. Used to imply someone else is overreacting.

    “It’s not a big deal. You’re buggin’.”

  11. Outtie

    [ou-tee] | verb?

    1. A sentiment to wrap up a conversation as you’re leaving; I’m leaving.

    “Alright. This has been so fun, but I have class in twenty minutes. I’m outtie.”

  12. Wigging Out

    [wig-n out] | verb

    1. Nervous; freaking out; feeling like something’s weird

    “Why are you looking at me like that? It’s totally wigging me out.”

  13. The 411

    1. Popularized by the information line “411,” it literally means “information,” or “gossip.”

    “Oh, you went to Sally’s birthday party? I heard her ex was there! What’s the 411?”

    2. Comparable to a modern day “What’s up?”

    “Oh hey girl. I haven’t seen you in forever! What’s the 411?”

  14. What’s the dilly yo?

    [hwhuts the dil-lee yoh] | phrase

    1. What are the plans? Originating from “What’s the deal?”

    “Oh, it’s your birthday tonight, right? What’s the dilly yo?”

  15. PHAT

    [fat] | acronym

    1. Not to be confused with “fat,” PHAT stands for pretty hot and tempting; attractive, may have been created by a boyfriend who just fucked up.

    “You said that dress made me look fat!”
    “Nooooo, no, no. I said it made you look PHAT.”
    “Aww, love you, honey!”

  16. Bounce

    [bouns] | verb

    1. To leave

    “This party sucks. Let’s bounce.”

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