15 Perks Of Dating A Real-Life Prince


Because there aren’t enough power couples in the world, Ellie Goulding and Prince Harry are now allegedly seeing each other. The two have been spotted out at a polo tournament together – how British – and have been texting one another for a few months. Here is some incriminating evidence showcasing their apparent love.

Scandalous, right? Reports even suggest that the two partook in a classy ~smooch~ while canoodling under a blanket, because Prince Harry can’t be too scandalous, after all. The duo met back in 2011 when Ellie performed at Will and Kate’s wedding. So besides having mad connections, here are a few other things that Ellie is going to gain by dating the royal bachelor.

  1. Media attention.
    Because nobody knows who is Ellie Goulding anyways.
  2. Access to tiaras.
    Okay, so “The Princess Diaries” may have been an exaggeration.
  3. Endless crumpets.
    And mimosas. Royal mimosas.
  4. Casually crashing in Buckingham Palace.
    Imagine seeing the Queen in her slippers.
  5. (Sexy) bodyguards.
    Just in case things don’t work out with Harry.
  6. An insurance policy on your uterus.
    It could eventually carry the future princes and princesses.
  7. Being BFFs with Kate Middleton.
    And any good BFF shares her closet.
  8. Babysitting Will and Kate’s children.
    The kids are quite literally in charge.
  9. Immediately becoming friends with world leaders.
    What, like you don’t have Obama on speed dial?
  10. Having excuses to wear hats.
    What is it with the royal family and their hats?
  11. Unlimited tea.
    But really, where are my mimosas at?
  12. Bragging rights.
    Only royalty I’ve dated are the royal assholes.
  13. Having your dates be to galas and balls.
    Setting the bar hella high for the wedding.
  14. Free travel.
    I mean, you technically have to visit the foreign diplomats. In the Bahamas.
  15. Pressure for your future boyfriends.
    Yeah, so I used to date a prince. Nbd.


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