14 Reasons Why Summer Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year


There’s a whole song dedicated to how Christmas is “The Most wonderful Time Of The Year” but I seriously disagree with that. Yeah, there’s snow (usually) and there’s cute, happy songs about Old Saint Nick and stories to go with it, but once you find out that Santa isn’t real (and my God, I hope you have found that out by now) you realize that summer is way, way better.

  1. There’s no school.
    For obvious reasons, no more 8 a.m. classes, no more homework, no more problems. And if you do decide to take summer classes, you only have yourself to blame. 
  2. You have time to actually get back in shape.
    You can finally make time to try and squeeze back into those size 4 jeans you bought last year that you said you’d fit into last summer.
  3. You can travel to foreign, ‘grammable places.
    I learned how to tell guys I think they’re hot in four different languages this summer, what’d you do?
  4. Two words: summer flings.
    Because yes, kissing and telling is a requirement. 
  5. Darties.
    Because you have to pregame the nights out at the bar with days drinking by the pool. 
  6. You can finally make your own money.
    For the times when that guy just refuses to buy your drinks. Asshole.
  7. “Me” days.
    For all of the hard work you put into your education this past year, you totally deserve a break. (And yes, dad. Even those Cs were hard, okay?)
  8. Sports are coming back.
    To entertain the hot guy you’re hooking up with after he told you he’s tired of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”
  9. Brunch is actually a regular thing.
    It’s really hard to go to brunch every day when you have class, so now you can make up for lost time.
  10. You finally have time to binge watch whatever series you missed while at school.
    Because at 9 p.m. on a Thursday night, I’m not going to stay in just to watch “Grey’s Anatomy,” I’ll catch up on it this summer.
  11. Pre-little prep.
    You already know who you want, and you’ll be so busy making her fall in love with you, that you need the crafts done ASAP.
  12. “The Bachelorette” comes back on.
    To remind yourself of all the times you tried to be a JoJo in a frat house, but apparently it’s not the same thing???
  13. The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale.
    Bye, money.
  14. No standards boards meetings.
    Catch me if you can.

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