13 Lilly Pulitzer Secrets, From An Employee


This summer, I fulfilled my ultimate dream, and started working at Lilly Pulitzer. While working at Lilly, there are a couple things I learned that I realized people don’t know. My secret Lilly intel could enhance everyone’s shopping experience, so I figured it was time to share these gold nuggets of advice with the world.

  1. Let your sales associate start you a fitting room.
    You do not have to try your stuff on right then, we just want to make your shopping experience better and let you look around without carrying around four dresses and six pairs of shorts.
  2. If you don’t see your size, ask.
    Unlike a lot of store, we have many sizes hiding in the back room that we would be more than happy to pull for you.
  3. If we don’t have your size in the back, we will try extremely hard to order it for you.
    We have a secret network of Lilly connections, and if we don’t have you size in something, 9 out of 10 times we can find it for you and we can ship it to your house.
  4. If we ship something to your house, it’ll most likely be free.
    Unless it’s on sale, it ships free. So, if you find the perfect shift dress and your Lilly doesn’t have it in stock (as long as it’s full priced), we can find it and ship it out to you with no extra charge.
  5. Rule #2 also applies to sale.
    If you think that we won’t have something just because it’s on the sale rack, that’s also not true. We have back stock of sale items too.
  6. If we pull you an item from the back and you decide you want to buy it, we can steam out the package lines for you.
    You may have to wait a little longer, but we have no problem making something look nice.
  7. If we don’t have something you’re looking for in our store, but you saw it online, we can still probably get it for you.
    It’ll come with that amazing free shipping perk as well.
  8. We really do want you to find something that works.
    Everyone I work with l-o-v-e-s helping out customers. It really is what we live for, so if you need an opinion/other size/matching shirt for that adorable skort/literally anything, just ask your sales associate because she wants to help you.
  9. Our store is super organized.
    The new stuff is always in the front, so if you’re looking for that shift that you saw in your email this morning, check the front of the store.
  10. Things are either organized by color wave or by item.
    So say you’re looking for that “breakwater blue Elsa” that you saw on a model in the catalog. It will either be with all the Elsa tops, or with other things in that same blue color/any pattern with that blue color.
  11. Stores have sale, online does not.
    The Lilly website will have maybe two sales a year, but your local Lilly store will have sales pretty frequently. So you may come in looking for something that is full price on the website but is on sale in the store. It’s amazing.
  12. Our return policy is amazing.
    30 days full refund on original method of payment and 90 days store credit or exchange. The best part is, this applies to all sale items as well.
  13. We love our customers.
    Like a lot. I love seeing our customers come in and tell me about how awesome the outfit I picked out for them looked, or how many compliments they got on their accessories I helped pair together. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you walked out of our store happy and with a smile.
  14. I hope these tips helped and may your life be filled with flowers, sailboats and animal prints.

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