12-Year-Old Girl Makes Fake Party Invitation, Is The Baddest Bitch Around

invitation to stop bullying

Middle school is terrible. It’s a miracle any of us got out alive. Kids are absolutely evil, especially to each other. It’s hard to stand up to a bully, and that’s why kids with older siblings are lucky. They will make fun of you all day, but as soon as someone else picks on you, your older sibling is there to pummel their face in. While nothing got physical, this older sister beat down bullies in the most clever and creative way possible.

OH. MY GOD. There is no way in hell 7th grade me would be able to come up with such savagery. She has taken passive aggressive notes to a whole new level of aggressive. She includes everything that you would need to know about this party, including what to bring, which is their “nasty attitude.” If the girls can’t make it, she challenged them to to FEEL HER WRATH. I don’t even know if I knew what wrath was, let alone how to spell it, when I was 12. And if you flip to the back page, she has provided the word “stop” in 20 different languages. The girl fully committed and Googled that shit up. Major props.

This is girl power at its finest. I want to hire this girl to be my personal body guard. But until then, any comments or concerns from bullies can now be sent directly to, you guessed it folks,

[via Elite Daily]

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