12 Reasons Why Snapchat Is The Happiest Social Media On Earth

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Everyone has something bad to say about social media lately. It’s shallow. It makes us feel bad about ourselves. It’s ruining relationships and making us forget what’s important in life. And I agree. Social media sucks. Unless of course I get triple digits on the Instagram I just posted, then like, whatever. Still, according to the University of Michigan, there’s one type of social media that doesn’t make us feel like complete shit.

Enter: Snapchat.

The university gathered 154 students and sent them different types of messages throughout the day. They then followed up and asked how each person felt after receiving the message. And you know what they found out? People feel better after receiving a Snapchat than they do when they receive a text, email, Facebook comment, Instagram like, smoke signal, whatever. Snapchat is. the. coolest. Sure, they also discovered the it’s not the best form of communication for serious topics but that’s fine. We’re not snapping someone to tell them that their fish died or that we failed an important test. We’re snapping to share funny, cute, and happy things. Because after face-to-face communication, Snapchat is next best way to express our happiness. Here are a few reasons why that might be.

  1. Ugly selfies aren’t only not untagged, but they’re coveted.
  2. And it’s like, the uglier you look, the more people love you.
  3. 2 words: double chins.
  4. You can take a picture of your beer without feeling like a total try-hard.
  5. Same thing goes for your food, your dog, or your boyfriend.
  6. Sure, dick pics happen, but a lot of the time you can just sort of ignore them.
  7. And sending a scantily clad, cleavage-baring picture on Snapchat is the perfect ‘I’m sort of a slut’ foreplay.
  8. Getting “likes” aren’t a thing, so you don’t really care how boring what you post is.
  9. And people can’t leave mean comments, so enjoy hundreds of seconds of me singing in the car, bitches.
  10. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have because no one can see them.
  11. And unless your boyfriend is snapping someone back all of the time, you usually have nothing to worry about.
  12. You get to send pictures of yourself hungover, on the toilet, and in bed the morning after, and no one judges you for it.

Ugh Snapchat. You just get us.

[via Cosmopolitan, University of Michigan]

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Rachel Varina

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