12 Absurd Kanye Quotes From His Guest Lecture At Oxford That Prove He Is The Most Offensively Delusional Man Alive

Kanye West Gives Guest Lecture At Oxford, Says The Most Offensively Kanye West Sh*t Ever

For whatever reason, Kanye West spoke at Oxford University yesterday and gave his most random/strange/offensive speech maybe ever. The university’s newspaper, The Tab, live-tweeted the whole thing and it was a-fucking-mazing. Seriously, check out the crazy:

1. Kanye West on Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel looking like something a kindergartner drew:

2. Kanye West on what delusion really means:

3. Kanye West on why he can compare himself to Jesus if he wants to:

4. Kanye West on why Kim needs to STFU because he has it worse than anyone he knows:

5. Kanye West on why The Beatles were nothing without him:

6. Kanye West on humility:

7. Kanye West on why designer labels are stupid:

8. Kanye West on why it’s okay for him to wear designer labels even though he doesn’t think you should:

9. Kanye West on his wife’s Ulta line:

10. Kanye West on why despite having a black president and a black queen, America is still racist:

11. Kanye West on his Tourette Syndrome:

12. Kanye West on why he should be president:

To check out his full lecture, click here.

[via The Tab]

Image via Tinseltown / Shutterstock

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