11 Tips To Make A Tall Guy Fall For You — From A Guy’s Perspective

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I typically write for TFM, but I do love reading the articles over here on the pink side. I’ve seen you ladies talk and talk about who you should date, why you should date them, and the best things about dating different types of guys. I’m not here to tell you that you should date tall dudes, because I’m sure you already know that.

No, I’m here to give you some tips that will make tall guys everywhere want to put a ring on it.

1. First off, try to be interested in the sports he plays or enjoys. Even if he doesn’t play anymore, sports, at one point, were a big part of his life. You can take advantage of that and shoehorn your way in there pretty easily.

2. If he still plays sports, ask him if you can wear one of his jerseys to his game. Few things in this world are sexier to a man than a woman in his jersey, especially when he’s all jacked up after a big win.

3. Help him make good clothing decisions. Tall dudes aren’t afforded the luxury of well-fitting, brand name clothing, and we often have to improvise. We know how to make ourselves look good, but we are always thankful for a woman who can help us look great.

4. Speak loudly at parties and the bar. For whatever reason, sound is really shitty at traveling all the way up to us, so speak loudly and clearly to avoid having to repeat yourself when we yell back, “WHAT?”

5. Ask him for piggyback rides. Tall dudes are often quite physically strong and we are really good at carrying people, especially when your feet are hurting from all the awesomely tall heels you get to wear now.

6. Eat as much food as you want around him. We didn’t get to be the size we are by skimping on portions, and we won’t judge if you grab an extra slice of pizza. Well, unless you steal the last slice. We never forget that.

7. Cook for him. We dig pasta. Lots of pasta.

8. Go running with him. Given the background of playing sports and eating lots of food, more than anyone, tall dudes know that working out is the key to looking good and feeling good. While we usually have a buddy or two to lift weights with, running partners are always welcome.

9. Don’t try to drink like him. Tall guys can scientifically drink a ton of booze, and we know you can’t keep up with us in that regard. It’s annoying when girls assert that they can drink a lot and wind up hugging a toilet. But speaking of hugs…

10. Give big hugs. It’s a fact that tall guys give great hugs, so don’t hold back. Also, don’t be afraid to jump into his arms–we dig that shit.

11. Let him do tall people things for you. We are proud of our height, and we will never turn down an offer to grab something off of a shelf or to help you decorate something because we love being useful in ways that other guys can’t.

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JohnnyPSK (@MrJohnMay) is a contributing writer for Total Frat Move. He isn't afraid to admit that he loves a good pina colada.

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