11 Easy Ways To Save Money For Spring Break

Spring break is just around the corner, and we all know this is the most important event of the entire spring semester. The only tough part is paying for it on your measly work study earnings. Here are some things you could do to save up for this vital college experience. Or don’t, stay home, forgo getting a tan, and hate your life. I can’t tell you what to do.

  1. Sign up for emails to your favorite swim suit and clothing stores. They’ll send you coupons, let you know when sales are happening, and give you first eyes on the new spring arrivals.
  2. Actually use your meal plan. I know it’s hard to choke down cafeteria food every single day of the week. The choices, even though on somewhat of a rotation, get old quick. However, your bank account (and your taste buds) will be quite happy when there are lobster and crab cakes to be had on whichever beach you visit.
  3. Hide Tupperware containers in your bag so you can steal drunk snacks from the cafeteria. Don’t judge. This might be a poor man’s move, but it works. When you’re reheating some stolen chicken tenders on Saturday night instead of ordering ten pizzas, you won’t be judging anymore.
  4. Don’t buy books this semester. I am a religious book-buyer, and it costs relatively $500 a semester between lab supplies, lab manuals, and big ass textbooks. There’s actually no need for this. Most sorority houses have a library of former student’s textbooks and class notes. Or you could go in on sharing books with friends, buy e-books, or look into renting books.
  5. Go on a diet. Double win. However, this is much easier said than done.
  6. Stop paying for a gym membership and trendy workout DVDs. You can get fit just as well with nothing but YouTube and yoga mat. If you want to run, go outside and pound out some pavement. You don’t need weights, an elliptical, or a room full of machines you’ll never know how to use to get a spring break body.
  7. Book early. Let’s hope you have some leftover Christmas money to book any tickets you have to purchase. Every week you wait, you’re risking hundreds of dollars you could be spending on margaritas.
  8. Get a big group together to share the cost. If there is even a tiny bit of space left in your hotel room, you could definitely add more people. And the cost-sharing doesn’t just go for the room. Think about how much money you’ll save on pizza. Score.
  9. Pick up some extra hours at work. And actually save the money instead of blowing it on whatever random things you normally would.
  10. Stop buying alcohol. That’s what boys are for. Duh.
  11. Ask a relative. If all else fails, there’s always someone who may help out.

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