10 Ways Sororities Are Like The Hunger Games

10 Ways Sororities Are Like The Hunger Games

1. We form alliances.
Much like the Hunger Games, sororities are full of girls who gang up on each other. It’s basically clique city, population 200. If you’re forced to deal with a feuding sister, you’re lucky if you make it out alive.

2. Everyone’s always hungry.
Do you know how many weird diets there are? I didn’t, until I went Greek, and suddenly I had to figure out how to bake for someone who’s gluten-free. And good Lord, have you ever seen sorority girls fight over food? It gets ugly. For chapter dinner in our house, if you even thought about cutting the line someone would cut you. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to see a sorority girl drunk eat, you know what it looks like to be truly ravenous.

3. The Districts are basically rival houses.
Everyone knows that some Districts are more prosperous (i.e. more pretty and popular) than others. That’s basically how sorority houses work. Try as they might, the lower-tiers will never overcome their stereotype, just like the poor, podunk districts will never prosper.

4. There’s backstabbing up the wazoo.
Even though chapter isn’t exactly a knife fight (except on special occasions), there’s always an odd sister out who doesn’t see what’s wrong with MO’ing another girl’s not-boyfriend. Rude.

5. Katniss would do anything for her little.
Katniss volunteered as tribute in place of her little sister. She would literally die for her sister. She loved her that much. She’s the best big ever, and you know you feel the exact same eternal devotion to your little nugget (minus the whole death thing).

6. You have to prepare mentally and physically.
Training for the Hunger Games is basically like preparing for recruitment. You don’t eat, or sleep, in preparation for what’s to come. There’s in-house fighting compares to alliances disagreeing, and if you’ve ever been on the recruitment board you’ve contemplated murder in a serious way. When it comes to rush, may the odds be ever in your favor.

7. There are rebels.
Every chapter has a girl or two who’s constantly in the middle of her own personal rebellion. Whether that means pregaming chapter, getting it in during a mixer, or going a little too far with the new members, completely disregarding the strict no hazing policy, sororities are full of rebellion. Those biddies defy the Capitol regularly, and punishment comes in the form of standards and adult advisors, who quell any potential uprising.

8. Haymitch is the ultimate fraternity boy.
He’s a little bit of an alcoholic, but lovable nonetheless. Plus, every Katniss knows the importance of having a serious shitshow by her side, that she may look elegant and sane in comparison.

9. Katniss is pretty, and everybody loves her.
Every good sorority girl has to decide between two dudes at some point in her life. Sure, the boys in question might not be as hot as Gale, but it’s the thought that counts (plus, he probably has diseases post MiCy).

10. You have to come up with costumes constantly.
While you probably can’t be set on fire in a sexy way for your next mixer, you still have to spend valuable time brainstorming a costume that will turn everyone’s head. You need to make sure it’ll be impressive, but you should probably stay away from anything flammable. After all, there’s way too much liquor and hairspray at the sorority house to even think about messing with fake flames.


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