10 Times “Bad Blood” Ripped Off A Britney Spears Music Video

1.They both zoom around on motorcycles surrounded by neon lights.

brit moto
taylor moto
Video: Toxic

2. They both fall from tall buildings surrounded by a city skyline.

BRIT fall
tay fall
Video: Toxic

3.They both include sassy businesswomen with black bobs who enjoy pushing men around.

wig taylor
Video: Womanizer

4. They both rock black leather catsuits in red lit tunnels.

tay tunnel
Video: Toxic

5. They both swing around medieval inspired weaponry.

brit swing
tay swing
Video: I Wanna Go

6. They both lay around in steamy rooms flaunting their bods.

brit scan
tay scan
Video: Womanizer

7. Wait, that futuristic outer space-y outfit looks familiar.

brit white
tay scan
Video: Oops!…I Did It Again

8. They both know how to make an entrance.

brit wall
Video: Stronger

9. They both flip into action landing perfectly.

brit flip
Video: Toxic

10. They both power walk through the flames with matching fiery red hair.

brit flames
tay flames
Video: Toxic

Coincidence? I think not.
Image via YouTube

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