10 Things To Help You Get Through The Week


Hello people, Taylor Bell here. You’ve probably been seeing my name pop up on here a lot lately because my new book (which has a teensy tiny bit to do with Greek life) just dropped. Go pick it up. In the mean time, I made this list to help get you (and me too) through the week:

1. Drink a beer immediately after yoga or pilates or whatever.
Literally bring a beer with you in your gym bag. A soon as you walk out of class, pull it out and enjoy. Drinking beer after exercising is one of the best ways I know to readjust to the world after the often stressful experience of gymming, ellipticalling, namaste-ing. And yes, it may be slightly (very) room temperature beer, but please, who hasn’t enjoyed a room temperature beer in their time?

2. Give a freshman an old formal dress you haven’t worn in a year.
Give more away if possible. Getting old shit out of your own space is cleansing and also who doesn’t have a formal dress or two that kind of makes you want to vomit but you hold on to it anyway?

3. Listen to “Wings” by Haerts.
I am one-hundred percent shitting for this band from Brooklyn. If Fleetwood Mac fucked St. Lucia you’d get Haerts. This is the type of shit that makes you want to grow a garden, pick flowers from said garden, and make your own damn flower crown, but not in a hippie way. No offense to hippies. Love hippies kind of.

4. Go out to a fucking really nice dinner with three good friends tonight.
Pay more than you wanted to spend on food all week. Bottle of wine for sure. Bottles plural maybe?

5. Order this random book I found.
It might change your life, and by might I mean absolutely will.

6. Call your dad just to say hi and I love you.
JK omg can you imagine if I actually put that suggestion on this list. Vom. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love dads, love my dad blah blah. But who has time for that?

7. You know that half-empty bottle of white wine in the door of your fridge? Throw it out.
The moment you hear it bounce down onto the bottom of that recycling bin behind your house, you’ll feel unburdened and and angel will get its wings.

8. Listen to “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)” by Irma Thomas.
It’s exactly the sad, yet somehow charming, doo-woppy retro slow jam you’ll need to get you through your next bout with crush pangs.

9. Reply to an email that you’ve been putting off for weeks… months… years?
Even if it’s just a one sentence response. Do it.

10. You’re going to fucking haaaaaate this but I SWEAR it will make you so, so, so happy: clean the absolute fuck out of your bathroom.
Shower floor, toilet rim, your loofas. Go in, my hygienic queen, go all the way in. Listen to an entire *Nsync album at full blast. Smoke a little weed. (Adderall optional)

Love, T

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