10 Of The Biggest Pop Culture Moments Of 2016

10 Of The Biggest Pop Culture Moments Of 2016

Chad from “The Bachelorette” Happened

He was hated by many and loved by a few, but in any case, “The Bachelorette’s” Chad took the world by storm with his unapologetic douchebaggery, and calling JoJo tf out on, well everything. But what really got the people going was his profile, which as you can imagine, was as Chad as it gets.

“Say Yes To The Dress” Ruined A Girl’s Wedding

The only bad thing about trying on wedding dresses with your friend before her big day is that you don’t get to post a snap story about it, because secrets. But television ratings don’t care about you or your day, which is why the hit bridal show gave approximately zero fucks when Ali Godino begged them not to air her episode at Kleinfeld’s two months before her wedding. Godino sued, but the episode still aired. Assholes.

Miley And Liam Got Back Together
Miley and Liam don’t make a whole lot of sense together, but they continue to be one of Hollywood’s cutest couples anyway. As Miley took some time to rediscover herself, the pair took a little (well, a long) break. But earlier this year, they got back together (and Miley already started wearing her ring again!), which has led to super cute pics. Please have babies one day.

Fucking. Lemonade.

A beautiful visual album — nay, an experience — that had us all shook. It brought us so many gems, most notably, Formation, which will forever make me feel some type of way.

Kim Dragged Taylor

In a moment where Taylor Swift was so overexposed that it was painful, Kim did what Kim does best– reminded everyone she was queen. This was perhaps my favorite day in Internet history, and I got 900+ likes on an Instagram picture once. The whole world stopped. There was nothing else but Kim’s infamous Snapchat story exposing Taylor for the snake she is.

We Saw Orlando Bloom’s Penis

And it was not bad.

We Saw Lea Michele Nude, Too
And this was important for a few reasons. First and foremost, Lea Michele was reinvented in all our minds as someone who is kind of a fucking babe, something I was completely oblivious to before this moment. Secondly, we saw a celebrity naked, which is always cool. But most importantly, we saw a true token of love in the tattoo she has for Cory Monteith, and it was beautiful.

Blake Lively Had Her Baby

And surprise! She was perfect, and her perfect family with Ryan Reynolds continued to grow. Unfortunately, they named the baby Ines, which sounds more like the name for a potato chip than a child.

All Things Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics have been taking the world by storm since their inception in 2015. But this year, artists started taking her more seriously in the makeup industry. This is why it was a HUGE fucking scandal when rumors circulated that her lip kit is actually just a more expensive knockoff of Color Pop. The rumors were denied, by the KarJenner camp, but we’re still not quite sure.

Brad and Angelina Divorced

And Jen Aniston fans, including BFF Chelsea Handler rejoiced in dragging the woman who’s been dubbed “a psycho.” All good things come to an end, I guess.

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