10 Hilariously Awful Lies We Tell Our Parents

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It’s said that once you turn 18, you’re an adult. But, like, LOL. As long as they’re paying the bills, you’re most definitely their bitch. We love them — but we’re also kind of scared shitless of them. We don’t want to disappoint them, so we tell them what they want to hear. Some might call it lying, but I say it’s saving my mom from fainting and my dad from killing someone. See? Everyone wins.

1. “I’m still a virgin.”

2. “No I’m not dating anyone.”

3. “I don’t drink or do drugs.”

4. “I’m just going to stay in and study.”

5. “I don’t have any tattoos.”

6. “I just had a drink and then went home, I wasn’t in a partying mood.”

7. “I think I have the flu.”

8. “I need money for food.”

9. “I’m staying over at Sarah’s house for Spring Break.”

10. “This class is just so hard.”

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