10 Best AND 10 Worst Things About Going Home For Christmas Break

10 Best Things About Going Home

1. You don’t have to spend money on food, pretty much the entire time you’re home.

2. Some people actually like their families and miss them while they’re away.

3. Minimal responsibilities mean maximum drinking opportunities.

4. After finals, the mere thought of anything related to your school is likely to cause a crazy vein resembling that of Sheree Whitfield.

5. You get to live in a real people house, escaping the hellhole that is your off-campus apartment (assuming you’re not living at the sorority house).

6. Your hometown hairdresser is the only person you trust, and your ends are starting to split.

7. All of your high school friends are home, so you can see them if that’s your thing.

8. You have some much stuff left at your parents’ that packing for the break is something your finals-dead brain can handle.

9. Your parents’ liquor cabinet is stocked with much better alcohol than what you’ve learned to tolerate, and they probably are okay with you raiding it at this point.

10. It’s nice to have someone cook for you once in awhile, and your mom is a wiz in the kitchen.

10 Worst Things About Going Home

1. You’ll be living with your parents, and you’ve become accustomed to the blissful absence of their supervision.

2. The bars back home aren’t within walking distance from your house, and the cab drivers are creepier.

3. Explaining to your younger sibling why you came home from a sleepover at your bestie’s house in a boy’s sweatshirt is never easy.

4. Rest and relaxation quickly turns into “Why is there nothing to do here?”

5. Now that you’re in college, relatives feel it’s appropriate to tell you awkward stories. No, dad, I do NOT want to hear about your date night.

6. Your room is adorned with things that remind you of how innocent you used to be, and that makes you feel guilty.

7. If you are of age, you’re going to have to buy liquor for at least one kid in high school, and you’re going to feel pretty shady about it.

8. If you are not of age, you’re going to end up drinking with at least one kid in high school, and you’re going to feel pretty shady about it.

9. Your high school boyfriend got fat, but you’ll probably still make out with him due to the weird nostalgic affection he gives you.

10. Drinking coffee and video chatting isn’t quite the same as a coffee date with your sisters.


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